Office Policies


IMPACT Pediatrics is committed to partner with our parents and families in optimizing your child’s health and well being. In order to do so, we have some office policies that benefit this partnership. On a limited basis, we are currently accepting healthy newborns whose parents agree to CDC, AAP and ACIP vaccinations.

New Patients:

If you have time, filling out the new patient forms (found in the forms tab) will save you time on the day of your appointment and help reduce our wait times. When you call to make your first appointment, please schedule your visit for a weekday to allow Dr. Hackshaw enough time to get to know you and your child.


Our practice policy is to advocate for and encourage that our children become fully immunized.  We do not accept patients whose parent do not agree to the CDC, AAP and ACIP vaccine schedule.

Antibiotic use:

Our office policy states that we do not call in oral antibiotics without seeing a patient and diagnosing the child with an illness that actually warrants an antibiotic. Antibiotics can not treat colds, allergies or fevers. Antibiotics are currently being overused by some practitioners and this has lead to significant antibiotic resistance. Often we will see your child and offer reassurance and recommendations for symptom relief.

Late for appointment:

We at IMPACT Pediatrics strive to minimize our patient wait time in the office. In an effort to achieve this goal and in order to be fair to all of our patients, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your child’s appointment, you may be asked to reschedule for a time later in the day or for another day.

Missed appointments/No Shows:

Please call and cancel your child’s appointment as early as possible if you will not be bringing your child in for a scheduled visit. This allows us to accommodate other patients. In an effort to provide adequate appointment times for our patients, we have instituted a No Show policy. If a patient is scheduled and the appointment is not cancelled, there will be a $25.00 no show fee for a missed appointment. The first time this occurs, the fee will be waived. If this occurs more than 3 times, the patient may no longer be able to be seen in our practice.


Please allow 3-5 days to have most forms filled out by our providers. There may be a charge for forms not given at the time of service. Forms for daycare, preschool, kindergarten and sports forms and camp forms are complimentary. We will charge $10.00 to fill out any extensive forms such as FMLA.

Due to Federal Privacy Regulations, we are unable to forward any forms or medical records directly to schools or daycares except medication authorization and immunization records.